Meet The Team

EST. 1952

Let’s face it: we’ve been around for quite some time now. And time, if nothing else, provides wisdom through hindsight. In our experience, any small business that lasts longer than a single election cycle might just be doing something right. But to give the impression that we’ve had a smooth ride over the years would be a mistake.

The truth is our story is more like a road map of trials and errors; a collage comprised of faces that have come and gone over the years. For six decades the size of our staff has ebbed and flowed, and the vast majority of those who have given their time to our endeavors were temporary. Some were seasonal workers, others were at a transitional point in their lives: looking for a little extra work before school started back up, or counting down to the first day of boot camp, or awaiting a prison sentence (they were innocent, of course). Some decided they didn’t like getting dirty. To love this work, you have to love getting dirty. And of course, a few never left. Here are the guys that stuck around.

Jim Sanders
President, 1976

Jim grew up working alongside his father, Earle, and in 1986 Jim bought the lobster company from him. He’s made it his life’s work to look after the family business. 


Mark “Slayer” Austin
Transportation and Facility Maintenance, 1988

Mark hails from a small town in central Maine. A source of pride for him as well as an important detail to remember when anything breaks: he can figure out a way to put almost anything back together. He’s got an impressive amount of time served here, having put up with the Sanders family (we’re not sure why) since the late 80’s.


Jeff Sanders
Production Manager, 2010

Jeff studied English at the University of New Hampshire. He’s been hanging around at the pound since he was a little kid, relishing at a young age the opportunity to swear and belch like an old pirate. We’re still figuring out what to do with him.


German Short-Haired Pointer, 2002

One day, Jarrett and his wife adopted Zack. The next day, we all did. His favorite food is everything.


Jarrett Celli
General Manager, 1992

Jarrett has spent his working life studying and expanding upon everything our lobster company does. In his free time, he is either riding around on something with two wheels or is knee deep in a home improvement project. If you have a minute, ask him about your computer. He loves that.


Gordon “Chiz” Chisholm
Transportation and Facility Maintenance, 2005

Fueled by Marlboro Reds and black coffee, Gordon was born two decades too late. He loves Mötley Crüe and anything made by General Motors. He also likes to wake up crazy early. When we need to send a truck to Maine well before the break of dawn, he’s our guy.


Kelsey "Kelso" Santa Barbara
Your Worst Nightmare, 2013

We somehow swindled Kelsey into joining our team in the midst of one of our busiest seasons to date. She's proven herself adept at simultaneously keeping our customers happy and our crew in line. If she ever wisens up and leaves us, we'll likely crumble in her wake.



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