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Jul 17, 2013

Sanders Fish Truck

As a small business in weather sensitive New England, we’re extremely fortunate to have someone willing to brave the elements¬†several times a week to truck our seafood to local farmer’s markets. We’re even more fortunate to have someone represent us with as much experience in the seafood business as Kris Sanders, who has spent a large part of her life working with and around live lobsters and fresh fish. Her endeavors were recently spotlighted in an article at The Hippo, and the article is definitely worth sharing:

For 18 years, Kris Sanders has brought the catch of the day inland to Concord and Bedford, with cut fish on ice and live lobsters in the back of her truck.

You can read on at The Hippo. Visit the Fish Market’s site to check out her schedule. And be sure to remember Kris the next time you check the outdoor temperatures from an air conditioned room during one of our summer heat waves.


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