Lobster Fishing
Jul 9, 2014

Quality Control

Captain Pillowhands [kap-tuh n][pil-oh][hands] Noun 1. A rookie lobster packer or one with a limited attention to grading quality 2. A managerial nightmare -“Why are there so many culls and shedders in this crate?” -“I don’t know, ask Captain Pillowhands over here”

Lobster Fishing
Jul 9, 2014

5 Dolla Lobstas


Shedders are finally here! New England’s infamous weather patterns coupled with the Gulf of Maine’s colder-than-average water temperatures this spring have worked in tandem to both prolong the shed and temporarily limit the production of Maine’s fishery. The good news? Summer is finally in full swing and we are out of the doldrums. The Maine… Read More

Lobster Fishing
Jul 10, 2013

New Shells

New shells are here! Starting at $4.49/lb. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper price, these lobsters are a seasonal treat.  Our crew prefers them over their old shell counterpart, hands down. Summer is fleeting so enjoy them while they last. Here’s our current price board as of today, July 10th.  

Lobster Fishing
Apr 29, 2013

Retail prices for the end of April


Here’s an overview of our hardshell pricing for this week. The downward trend continues and our customers can expect even lower prices in the weeks to come as we start to bring softshell lobsters into the mix. Follow us on twitter to stay updated as the market continues to change.

Lobster Fishing
Apr 3, 2013

From Cundy’s Harbour to Homebase


It’s a simple, timeless system. After being brought back to the wharf by their respective boats, the crates are left floating in the harbour, strung together with thick rope like a giant snake. When our truck shows up at the crack of dawn, the cigarettes are quickly lit, the Grundens and boots are donned with much… Read More

Lobster Fishing
Mar 22, 2013

Another Early Shed? Gearing Up for Summer 2013


With the passing of the first day of spring, all eyes in the lobster world are officially locked on the horizon, looking for any indication of what the summer will bring. For the past few weeks throughout the coast of Maine there have been grumblings of what we’ve seen in previous years: another premature shed…. Read More